Structural Engineering for Resort World
Las Vegas Highrise Hotel

With more than 10 million square feet of hotel, casino, retail, recreational and theme park development and with estimated construction budget of 7.2 billion dollar, Resort World Las Vegas is currently one of the biggest hospitality development in United States. The gaming and hospitality corporation, Genting Group headquartered in Malaysia is the owner of the project. The hotel is a conventional 3 blade shape Vegas Style hotel which reaches 700 feet high with more than 3000 rooms. The resort is under construction and is planned to open on 2020.

Project Status: Under Construction: Las Vegas NV.

Dr.Mehdizadeh participated in the design of the 65 story 5 million square feet hotel tower and performed structural design of for the gravity framing and lateral design for this building. State of the art techniques in structural analysis and design of this magnificent structure were addopted  to ensure safety of building in extreme wind and seismic events.

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