Structural design service for Hudson Condominium

Los Angeles, California

 a 50-unit, Class A, a luxury apartment complex located near Downtown Los Angeles. Project is located on flat lot and is currently under construction and to be completed in 2021, 2 stories concrete subterranean parking with 1 story above ground amenities are specified for this project. 5 levels of wood construction is also specified above the 2nd level concrete podium.

Status: Under Construction.


Dr.Mehdizadeh designed this beautiful apartment project.

For the two levels subterranean parking and first level amenities, concrete slabs ranging from 10″ to 15″ and concrete gravity columns were specified in combination with concrete shearwall to sustain California high level of seismic activities.

For the Five levels above groundwood construction, conventional wood framing and proprietary wood shearwalls were specified. Due to architectural limitations, shearwalls and columns above level 3 were not stacking and majority of the gravity and lateral force is transferred using heavy W section steel transfer beams.

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