Structural Engineering for Paramount highrise building

Paramount residences, a residential luxury condo project is designed by Revuelta Architecture. The project is consisted of one 18 story concrete highrise building. This 800000 square feet project is completed in 2017. The tower will be the home of more than 100-unit luxury apartment. Because of its unique architectural features demanded a challenging structural design. Also due to lack of enough parking spaces, an automated valet parking system is used on the project.

Under Construction: Ft Lauderdale, FL


The gravity system for this project is consisted of 9” concrete flat plate post tensioned slabs for the residential tower and parking area. A 14” reinforced concrete flat slab in combination with monolithic beam system is used for the pool deck podium area with high gravity loads. Due to large spans between the columns, 7ksi concrete was used for the tower post tensioned slab and tower columns. For this project each column is supported on the 4 to 5 piles group to transfer the gravity loads to the deeper layers of the soil.


For the lateral system of the tower, 24-inch thick concrete core wall system was specified in combination with 18”-30” concrete shear walls system. The core walls and shear walls are supported on the 6-8 feet mat foundation to transfer the gravity and lateral loads to the soil.

Dr.Mehdizadeh were participated in the design of beautiful paramount Ft Lauderdale residence and performed gravity and lateral design for this building. Tower was designed to resist high wind pressure of  florida hurricane-prone zone and to withstand future possible tsunamis.

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